The Learning in Neural Circuits Lab

Welcome to the Learning in Neural Circuits Lab website!

  • We are a McGill University research laboratory in Montréal, located at Mila, and affiliated with The Neuro.

  • We study general principles of learning and memory in neural networks, with the ultimate goal of understanding how real and artificial brains can optimise behaviour.

  • We are motivated by a fascination with memory and the incredible general purpose learning power of the brain – a power still unmatched by any artificial intelligence systems.

  • Please take a look at our current research projects and publications to learn more about our work, or visit our team page to learn more about the people in the lab.

LiNC Lab News

Congratulations Dr. Gillon!!!

In November 2022, Dr. Colleen Gillon became the fifth Ph.D. student to graduate from the LiNC lab! She is now a post doc at the Clopath lab at Imperial College London. Wishing you all the best, Colleen!

Congratulations Prof. Shahab Bakhtiari!!!

After 3 years of his post doc career in the LiNC lab, Dr. Shahab Bakhtiari starts as an Assistant Professor in the Psychology department of Université de Montréal in January 2023! Best wishes for your future endeavours, Shahab!