Summer/Fall 2021: Important information for applicants

Here is some important information for applicants interested in joining the lab in 2021:

1) We are not currently seeking graduate students or postdocs. You are welcome to fill out an application form to the lab, but be aware that this will likely be wasted work as the probability that we will take new graduate students or postdocs this year is essentially zero.

2) We are happy to receive applications for undergraduate students, but we will only consider new undergrads for fall 2022 and onward. If you are interested in applying for an undergrad position in the lab starting Fall 2022 please follow the instructions below.

3) Because we are not recruiting very many people this year, Dr. Richards is not listed on the Mila website as a potential supervisor. If you still wish to apply to the LiNC Lab you may apply below, and it doesn't matter if you cannot select Dr. Richards on the Mila site (because the applications are not linked).

Getting Involved

Interested in joining us? Follow the instructions below and fill out the application form to apply to the lab. If there is an position available and your application is considered a good fit for the lab, then we will contact you about arranging an interview and a chance to meet the other members of the lab. If you do not hear from us before any application deadlines it means that there was not a position in the lab that was suitable for you. We will check the applications once a month, please do not email is if you do not hear from us about your application.

Please be sure to specify your area of interest in the application form. To learn more, please have a look at our current research projects and publications.

Please note that we are deeply committed to enacting plans at the LiNC Lab to help reduce systemic bias problems, prevent discrimination, and improve inclusivity. As such, EDI will be a component of the selection process when we are considering applicants to the lab.

Post-Doctoral Fellows

We recruit post-doctoral researchers who have already completed a PhD or will soon complete a PhD. Candidates should have training and research experience in computer science and/or systems neuroscience.

Please follow the Mila postdoc application process, and fill out the LiNC Lab application form. Be sure to follow its specific requirements.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Graduate Students

Thank you for your interest in joining our lab! To apply, please follow these steps:

  1. Fill out our application form to the lab.

  2. Apply to a McGill graduate program. The LiNC Lab can take students from either the School of Computer Science or the Integrated Program in Neuroscience.

  3. Apply to Mila as well, either as a PhD student or a MSc student.

Good luck with your applications!

Undergraduate Students

We recruit undergraduate researchers at any stage levels who are studying at McGill University. This can be for course credit (e.g., a COMP 400 project). Some background in machine learning and neuroscience, as well as decent grades, are prerequisites. If you are interested, please fill out the application form and indicate your desired involvement.


We can recruit student interns at any level as part of the Mila Internship Program. If you are interested in an intern position please fill out both the LiNC Lab application form and follow the Mila intern application procedure as well.