Mandana Samiei

Hi there!

I'm a Ph.D. student in Computer Science at McGill University and Mila Institute, mainly interested in reinforcement learning , developmental learning in the brain and understanding the role of memory in everyday life. My goal is to improve learning algorithms by leveraging memory mechanisms in humans and animals. I'm studying questions such as how humans think, learn and make optimal decisions in life? How they use prior knowledge to solve novel tasks? And lastly, how learning is different in childhood vs. adulthood.

Currently, I'm conducting research on grid-like based reinforcement learning agents and trying to improve their generalization ability in spatial navigation tasks.

Before Joining LiNC lab, I completed my master's degree in Computer Science at Concordia University. My previous research experience includes applying meta-learning on biological data and studying bi-level optimization.

While not doing research, I enjoy painting, singing and baking. The recipes of my home-made bread can be found here.