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Dr. Soheila Samiee

Soheila is a postdoctoral researcher at McGill university and Mila. Her research is mainly focused on brain-inspired artificial intelligence. She did her PhD in Computational Neuroscience at McGill University (and Montreal Neurological Institute) under Supervision of Dr. Sylvain Baillet, and her M.Sc and B.Sc. in Electrical Eng. at Sharif University of Technology.

During PhD, she developed a technique for estimating phase-amplitude cross-frequency coupling, which is associated with dynamical aspect of information processing in the brain. Her M.Sc. research was focused on applications of machine learning in biomedical signal processing. You can find a full list of her publications here.

Current Projects:

  • Improving Positional Encoding for Transformers (NLP and time-series applications)

  • Developing an energy-efficient brain-inspired stochastic binary neural network